About This Blog

I created this blog out of the need to present God’s word. with spiritual insight and to spread the true message of the Gospels.My intention is to dispel the false teachings and myths of the modern apostate church. Which is filled with none biblical teachings . The pastors of today are leading their flocks astray and in many instances leading them straight to Hellfire . Too many Christians put their reliance on these doctrines. Thinking that these religious leaders will somehow be able to ‘vouch” for them before God . This wont be the case . The bible teaches Christians to be on guard against false prophets and false doctrines . I spent a good majority of my life in various churches of different “denominations” . I can honestly say , that I’ve never meet a church that was 100% biblically based  . I personally believed in most of these doctrines , until 5 or 6 years ago, before I was giving the truth by Yahweh . From then on , He has instructed and guided me on the path of His truth  . I hope you will find this site informative and uplifting . God Bless You !

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